Digital Marketing

We create effective ways to communicate with your customers online and turn your brand into one they watch online. Through paid advertising campaigns, social media management, website design and search engine optimization (SEO), we find the best fit for your services or product and put it in motion.

Website Design

Our web development services focus on the WordPress platform to create responsive websites that look great on desktop and mobile devices. We provide search engine optimization (SEO) services and reporting to make sure you’re being found.


WordPress websites are easy for you to edit and update. A giant selection of themes and plugins get the look and feel of your brand online and make sure Google is finding you every day.

Google Analytics

We setup Google Analytics tracking for all websites as well as Google’s Search Console. This allows for monitoring and reporting on how people are finding you and what they’re doing on your site once they get there.

Ad Campaigns

We use Google Ads and Facebook Ads as the best ways to reach your audience on all their devices.

Facebook Ads

Almost everyone is on Facebook. Finding local restaurants on the Outer Banks, posting photos of their afternoons and keeping up with friends and family. Facebook has a low cost way to get in front of all these potential customers on the computers, tablets and mobile phones. They have powerful filters so you can zero in on people’s interests, location and demographics so every ad dollar counts.

The other huge benefit of Facebook is once you capture their attention, they can Like your Page and will receive updates from you at no charge right in their newsfeed. It builds an ongoing relationship with your customers instead of just a one time introduction. Combining Facebook Ads with a strong social media presence builds a great brand.

Google Ads

Google Ads puts your business at the top of Google’s search results. Additionally, your ads will appear on participating websites, Android devices and many other places your customers are visiting.

Google Ads works by giving a daily budget and a list of keywords that when people from certain areas search – we’ll serve up an ad that’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

Social Media

We handle the setup of all your social media accounts to make sure you’re seen in all the hot spots online. We provide updates, communications and interactions with your customers to keep your brand in front of the largest audience possible.

Facebook Pages

An awesome Facebook Page is more important than a great website and can even replace one for many businesses.

Google My Business

Formerly Google Places, Google My Business is how Google Maps & Google Reviews show you when people are looking for somewhere to go.