OBX Island Guys

91 Spindrift Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC

December 22, 2016

Below are 34 proofs from this afternoon. They have not been color corrected, sharpened or cropped. I can also easily edit me out of the ones where I show! Most were shot with 5 separate exposures which when overlapped, can produce results like the example to the right. Lots of great detail. Probably too much for the MLS, but could work for print or your website.

Once we pick 5 or 6 that you like, I’ll do the production work to finalize. I can also add overlays for beach access or additional information. There are more shots to choose from, so if you’d like to see them all plan on coming by and we can review for your favorites. (When you click on an image, it will show you the image number.)

I worked to show several key features of the property:

  • Decks
  • Pool
  • Wooded backyard
  • Corner lot
  • Proximity to the beach

I’d like to reshoot the front of the house in the morning light next week. If there’s some shots you’d like that I missed or some that could be improved, I can include those as well.

I also got some test video footage I’ll be working on after Christmas.



Click on an image below to review all in full screen or scroll through horizontally.