Lab548-Day1“Go downstairs and throw a tarp over anything that says “Operation Henessey” on it.”
– Steve Zissou

On April 1st, 2013, our name changes from MacWorks Incorporated to Lab548.
Clarity IT Solutions is also now Lab548.

Same great location, same great people and same great service.

Mac Trademark
The first reason for the change is “Mac” is trademarked by Apple. We felt MacWorks best described our focus on supporting Apple solutions, but do understand the need to eliminate any confusion in the marketplace. We are now able to expand our relationships with Apple in support, repairs and development for our clients.

More than Macs
The second is over the years we have expanded our expertise and team to include many different solutions and services not all of which are Mac-only. We are a Google Apps Reseller, Kerio Partner, Marketcircle Master Partner, AppRiver Hosted Exchange Partner and a cross-platform CrashPlan PROe offsite backup host all of which offer cloud solutions for 2013. We are putting in more Linux servers for solutions such as Zimbra and doing more FileMaker and web development. Also, over the last several years, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and AppleTV have become a larger part of their company and ours.

Why Lab548?
Lab is a great description of what goes on around here—staying on top of the latest solutions for your home and business, testing to find the right answer to any need and exploring new services. 548 is the port number that Apple computers share files over to link us to what has been a major part of our company over the past 10 years.

We are excited about the new opportunities this transition brings for us to provide a closer relationship with Apple’s programs and what that means for all of our clients and customers.

Stay tuned for more news soon on what we’re growing into.