Daylite Server Admin Slow to Launch

On our client servers and our own, we've noticed over time that Daylite Server Admin (DLSA) can take over five minutes to appear after clicking the icon. This can be frustrating when you're trying to get in to troubleshoot an issue. In these circumstances, time is of the essence and you're left wondering is something wrong, are we out of memory, will it ever launch ...? Luckily, there is a quick fix. We've been using [...]

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Colorado law firm gets things done with Daylite

Godfrey Johnson PC is civil litigation law firm using Daylite to manage their cases and run their firm. Marketcircle recently reached out to Brett Godfrey to learn more about how the firm uses their Macs to drive the practice. In 2012, Lab548 converted and imported all of their Time Matters data into Daylite allowing the team to move forward on day one with all their historical data including the important links. In 2013 we assisted [...]

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Convert Daylite Offline Database

Download Daylite 3.9 Offline Converter to your desktop and uncompress it link at bottom. Log into the Offline database as normal (if you were last in the online you will not be able to log in; skip to step 4 instead) Back it up as a precaution Log into the Offline database. Push and hold down the 'Alt' (Option) key From the Daylite menu bar select File > Database > Quick Backup Release the 'Alt' [...]

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Daylite Connection Instructions / Daylite 3.9 Server update email

Below are steps by steps for setting up a new Mac or iPhone to connect to our Daylite database. Daylite on a Mac Download and install the latest Daylite software from here: Launch Daylite. In the Welcome to Daylite window uncheck Show welcome screen on startup in the lower left Select Log in to an Existing Database Click the drop-down menu to the right of Log in to and select Add New Connection Enter in the Server Address field: [servername] and click Search Select [databasename] in the Database field Enter your Daylite username [...]

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Billings on 2 computers

To use Billings on two computers in a Billings centric workflow... • On the satellite machine use Billings to create Contacts Projects and Slips as usual. • When you're ready to export your Slips to the main Billings computer mark your Projects that you want to export as Complete • File > Export > Slips On the Main Billings computer... • File > Import > Import from Billings • This should bring over the Contact [...]

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Billings data migration

If you're trying to move the Billings database at ~/Library/Application Support/Billings from one machine to another you should first remove the Billings Address Book group on the destination machine (if present) otherwise when you launch Billings with the new database in place it will duplicate all of the contacts.

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Re-creating Daylite Offline database with OpenBase

Quit Daylite Launch OpenBaseManager from your Applications folder Click Local in the left column wait for it to show you the databases Control-click on [databasename]OFFLINE and select Stop Database After the status indicator to the left of the database name goes red control-click on the database again and select Delete Database Re-launch Daylite and login to the online database Go File > Database > Go Offline You'll see a warning message that you are going to [...]

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Daylite 3.9/Touch Troubleshooting

If you open Activity Monitor after trying to sync are any of the following processes running? - DTSRemoteSync - DTSLocalSync - DLServer If so are they showing CPU usage or just sitting there? If you want to do further investigation the following places will show messages of different kinds: - In Daylite under Window>Server Logs... (Errors from server daemon processes usually go here. There's a problem with those logs right now in that they [...]

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Daylite- ‘No write access’ when editing

If a 'No write access' message appears when you attempt to edit a record please check the following: that you are the only one currently editing this record; if Daylite is being used in a multi-user environment please check with other users that no one else is editing the same record. Uninstall the Logitech Control Center (LCC) - if you have this utility installed (as found in the System Preferences) we recommend you uninstall it; [...]

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Daylite Offline Database Testing

If two clients are offline from the online database and both offline clients make different changes to the same record the client to sync first wins! Test 1 Client A B C connected to online database each with a unique user Create a calendar event for 8am in online database from Client A Verify 8am in online database from Client B Take Client A offline take Client B offline Change calendar event to 9am in [...]

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