If you open Activity Monitor after trying to sync are any of the following processes running? – DTSRemoteSync – DTSLocalSync – DLServer

If so are they showing CPU usage or just sitting there? If you want to do further investigation the following places will show messages of different kinds:

– In Daylite Server.app under Window>Server Logs… (Errors from server daemon processes usually go here. There’s a problem with those logs right now in that they don’t show multi-line error messages but those are usually SQL errors and they can be found somewhere else)

– In Console (wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to look in there but you can filter by DTS or DLS and that will help you find relevant messages)

– In /Library/Application Support/Daylite Server/Logs — most show usually non-error stuff but may be interesting for the curious; the notable exception is the DatabaseServer-xx.log which show postgres chatter including lots of non-serious errors

– DTSRemoteServer.log: connections database creation and syncs initiated by the device

– DTSLocalSync.log: periodic syncs between daylite and the client stage –

Daylite Server.log: database info and authentication requests


The Touch part of the server consists of two main daemon-style programs (I’ve mentioned them elsewhere): RemoteSync and LocalSync. Only one can have a lock at a time. RemoteSync locks the stage for its own use when you’re connecting but then it gives it up so LocalSync can take over to actually create the database.

If Daylite Touch lost its connection and it tried to reconnect RemoteSync tries to lock the stage again but fails because the LocalSync instance that’s preparing the database is still busy. What all this means is that you can look in Activity Monitor and see whether LocalSync is running. If so it’s still busy trying to create your database. With the kind of locking we use if LocalSync is not running nothing should stop RemoteSync from getting the lock unless there is a problem with the file system (like permissions). Nothing you can do on the phone can make the “client stage busy” error go away.

All you can do is wait for LocalSync to finish. As you point out below your database is small so in fact database creation on your machine should take around 15 seconds. Therefor either LocalSync is hung (which it can’t really do except in one case– blocking waiting to authenticate with the Auth server).


For even more interactive fun go into the Logs folder in the Daylite Server support folder and double-click the DTSRemoteSync.log file which should open up in Console. Here you can watch some progress when you connect. It should print informative messages when the database is getting created. Each kind of object and how many that sort of thing.

Now run Daylite Touch on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Make sure you go to the server browser and confirm that the Touch Server you set up is visible. Choose your server enter your credentials and choose “connect”. In activity monitor you should first see DTSRemoteSync and then DLServer and finally DTSLocalSync start up–the last one is going to create the Touch database on the server and then RemoteSync will compress it and transfer it to the device.