1. Download Daylite 3.9 Offline Converter to your desktop and uncompress it link at bottom.
  2. Log into the Offline database as normal (if you were last in the online you will not be able to log in; skip to step 4 instead)
  3. Back it up as a precaution
    1. Log into the Offline database.
    2. Push and hold down the ‘Alt’ (Option) key
    3. From the Daylite menu bar select File > Database > Quick Backup
    4. Release the ‘Alt’ (Option) key when the backup start
  4. Log out of Daylite (but keep it running) and run the application downloaded above – double-click to run
  5. Select the database from the list and click ‘Convert’.
  6. Once done refresh the list of databases in Daylite by selecting File > Log in to Database…
  7.  Look for the converted offline in the Personal section of the database list. The database can now be backed up and restored on Daylite Server if needed.

Please note that any other existing Offline’s will need to be recreated – this will now be recognized as a totally new and separate database from the old (lost) Online.