1Password-IconIf you have 1Password 3 for iPhone or iPad and have been using DropBox to sync with your Macs, your logins, credit cards and profiles haven’t been syncing recently. Starting September 1, 2013, DropBox made changes and the newer version 4 of 1Password for iOS is required.

Using 1Password is a great way to keep all the different logins you use easily accessible across all your devices and browsers. Even better, you can share with family members so access to the different online accounts you need is always up-to-date.

Here’s some useful information we’ve found upgrading our clients:

  • 1Password 3 for Mac is still the most recent versionand works
  • 1Password 4 for iOS is a new app, not an update, so your iPhone/iPad never alerted you to the update
  • 1Password 4 is a great update and the built-in web browser is very fast compared to the old Pro version
  • No Pro version anymore
  • Once you install 1Password 4, setting up for DropBos sync is very easy and super quick
  • The Master Password from your computer is what you’ll use to unlock on iOS
  • It is possible to sync 1Password between differen DropBox accounts
  • It’s currently on sale for $7.99

This blog article at Agile Bits walks you through how to tell which version you have, why the change has occured and answers to frequesntly asked questions.

You can find 1Password 4 for iOS here.