Colorado law firm gets things done with Daylite

Godfrey Johnson PC is civil litigation law firm using Daylite to manage their cases and run their firm. Marketcircle recently reached out to Brett Godfrey to learn more about how the firm uses their Macs to drive the practice. In 2012, Lab548 converted and imported all of their Time Matters data into Daylite allowing the team to move forward on day one with all their historical data including the important links. In 2013 we assisted [...]

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Case Study: eCommerce solution

There are many reasons that put MacWorks at the top of the industry but we’re going to focus on a single, important reason in this article: we are small business consultants who also run small businesses. March 1st marked the official launch of, a web-based business selling high heel shoes and boots.   The web store is owned and operated by our Client Services Manager, Chris Coughlin.  Chris and his developers worked on the software [...]

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Studio No. 6 Featured in Inc. Magazine’s World’s Coolest Offices 2011

Congratulations to our friends at Studio No. 6 for their feature in Inc. Magazine! From flying frogs to sliding barn doors, the Studio No. 6 office is not your typical corporate setting. You will find no grey cubicle walls in this office! Here, you will find an open floor plan, moveable wall, hidden media center and unique tricks for housing both storage and work stations. Sound fun? Check out Inc. Magazine’s World’s Coolest Offices 2011 [...]

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Willie the Bee Man Success Story

When Willie -- a.k.a. "Willie the Bee Man" -- first approached MacWorks, he had a stack of iPads for his employees in his bee removal business, located in Miami, Florida and Hill County, Texas. He heard that Marketcircle’s Daylite and Billings Pro work well between iOS and Mac -- and  could make his organization paperless if done properly. I had underestimated his definition of paperless until I saw the stacks of notebooks piling up on my first onsite visit. I [...]

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aKamali Group Success Story

In order to help protect our clients from the dreadful sinking feeling of data loss, we’ve begun implementing a new backup program called CrashPlan. We’ll cover all of the specifics of CrashPlan in another article but to give you a basic idea: CrashPlan allows us to backup your data to an offsite location in order to protect it from catastrophe. Offsite backup is crucial for any business, even home users. MacWorks’ custom implementations of CrashPlan [...]

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