When Willie — a.k.a. “Willie the Bee Man” — first approached MacWorks, he had a stack of iPads for his employees in his bee removal business, located in Miami, Florida and Hill County, Texas. He heard that Marketcircle’s Daylite and Billings Pro work well between iOS and Mac — and  could make his organization paperless if done properly. I had underestimated his definition of paperless until I saw the stacks of notebooks piling up on my first onsite visit.

I easily saw the growing need to streamline and utilize this software, along with other enhancements along the way. With Daylite and the iPad, each employee has a clear map of their schedule, directions to every client and the necessary contact information.  This allows them to spend less time juggling addresses and phone numbers so they can focus on the customers.

Their customers request bee removal online at getridofbees.com or talk to an employee on the phone.  Those requests are then imported directly to Daylite for Willie, or his wife Devorah, to dispatch their team of bee removal technicians. Once they complete the job, the technician sends in a note of status, amount due, and comments that get forwarded to Billings Pro for invoicing.

Check out Marketcircle’s case study on Willie “the Bee Man” at marketcircle.com/blog/willie-the-bee-man/ and give MacWorks a call to find out what we can do for your business.