There are many reasons that put MacWorks at the top of the industry but we’re going to focus on a single, important reason in this article: we are small business consultants who also run small businesses.

March 1st marked the official launch of, a web-based business selling high heel shoes and boots.   The web store is owned and operated by our Client Services Manager, Chris Coughlin.  Chris and his developers worked on the software for more than two years to make sure it was the best platform for their customers.  It is now 100% live.

Why did it take so long to develop a great ecommerce solution? There were plenty of logistics and operations problems to solve along the way but the main delay was finding the right platform for shoe enthusiasts.  The website underwent three complete overhauls since inception.

Frankly, I never thought it would see the light of day… but we kept trying and we wouldn’t accept something that’s just ok. It has to be special, because competition is stiff.  I want to be proud of Heelvixen and make it reflect the creativity and beauty of the products we sell.

After trying several different developers, Chris came full circle and decided to work with David Taylor, a Senior Consultant here at MacWorks.  Together, they examined all of the possible ecommerce solutions and decided to move forward using Magento, a robust and stable solution with thousands of resources for any web store scenario.

During his time at MacWorks, David Taylor has been an invaluable asset and is well known for his ability to bring together form and functionality on any project.  Heelvixen was no exception.  Easy checkout, gorgeous site design, and Facebook integration — this site has it all.  The real key to Heelvixen is its small business mindset: real people willing to listen and help in any way possible. It’s the same philosophy that has brought MacWorks success over the years.  Coughlin looks forward to bringing that same level of service to all of his clients on Heelvixen.

“Your home for heels, beauty, and fashion” — the Heelvixen slogan says it all.  They are always looking forward and can’t wait to see where the site goes in the coming years.  For those of you who can’t get enough shoes in your closet, Heelvixen is definitely the right place. Check them out, and let them know MacWorks sent you!