In order to help protect our clients from the dreadful sinking feeling of data loss, we’ve begun implementing a new backup program called CrashPlan. We’ll cover all of the specifics of CrashPlan in another article but to give you a basic idea: CrashPlan allows us to backup your data to an offsite location in order to protect it from catastrophe. Offsite backup is crucial for any business, even home users. MacWorks’ custom implementations of CrashPlan have saved a lot of people time and money because we handle everything from start to finish so you never have to worry about your data again. Please continue reading for a brief overview of the implementation…

David Beidle of aKamali Group in Boulder, Colorado recently contacted us with a list of ideas but did not know the right solutions to make them happen. We talked to David for about an hour on the phone discussing their current hardware setup and his desire for a foolproof backup solution. Within that time, we knew that CrashPlan would be the perfect solution to safely duplicate their important data. There were a few things that we needed to help with before we could properly implement CrashPlan: we suggested a switch to Comcast Business Class Internet and an Xserve to replace an old Windows Backup Server.

We sent a consultant over for the Comcast transition to ensure that everything went smoothly. The difference in speed between an old T1 line and Comcast’s Business Class can be staggering. When so many businesses rely on Internet speed for their day-to-day functions, we can almost guarantee better metrics for businesses when they switch to a faster Internet service.

After their Internet speed was up to par, we implemented the Xserve with CrashPlan at their office. They are now backing up their crucial data offsite as it’s created. We continuously monitor every backup we configure to ensure that everything is working perfectly. It truly is a no-worries backup solution. David and aKamali Group in Boulder couldn’t be happier, especially since we delivered the complete package well under our proposed budget.