Mac Guest User Template Cookbook

Once you have finished customizing launch the (it's in the /Applications/Utilities folder). When entering the commands listed below please pretty please be very careful to watch for typos. Feel free to cut/paste. The Guest user is the low-man on the totem-pole. He doesn' t have permission to change anything outside his Home folder so first you need to switch users to your normal user admin account. In the terminal type what's in bold after [...]

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Deactivate Windows XP

OK I have spent the past 10-15 mins looking for a way to deactivate Windows XP Professional...and was successful. Here's how: Step 1) Start->Run type 'regedit' Step 2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/Current Version/WPAEvents Step 3) Double-click OOBETimer when the box comes up change the LAST TWO HEX VALUES to nulls(00 00) To Reactivate go to Start->Run type "c:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /a" without quotes. Good Luck! Disclaimer: This tip should not be used for pirated keys! It is intended [...]

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Setting up Kerberos

Steps to setup Kerberos can be found in Daylite's activity set for projects and clients. As we know with just about everything DNS is critical so make sure it's 100% before moving forward. It will save you countless time troubleshooting later. Troubleshooting:First check your principles then test using Ticket Viewer in CoreServices check your DNS again and finally clean up the client:COMMANDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE 1. Delete the certificate via Terminal: security delete-certificate -c "" [...]

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CrashPlan Restore Guide

Restore to same machine Easy as pie. Click the Restore tab in CrashPlan and you get a list of folders that are backed up. By dropping down through the menus you can even select a specific file to restore. Once you've checked all the boxes you can click on the underlined words in the phrase "Restore the most recent version to Desktop and rename any existing files". Clicking those words rotates through different options: "most [...]

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