OK I have spent the past 10-15 mins looking for a way to deactivate Windows XP Professional…and was successful. Here’s how:

Step 1) Start->Run type ‘regedit’

Step 2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/Current Version/WPAEvents

Step 3) Double-click OOBETimer when the box comes up change the LAST TWO HEX VALUES to nulls(00 00)

To Reactivate go to Start->Run type “c:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /a” without quotes.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This tip should not be used for pirated keys! It is intended to change from one legitimate key to another. This may be necessary for those who purchased VLK’s that were stolen from them and had new licenses granted by MS. It may also be necessary for those who purchased a used system and would like to have their key associated with their OS. The use of this information though freely available in Microsoft’s tech articles is intended for legal use.

  1. Run regedit (Start>Run>regedit>ok) and go to:
    HKey_Local_MachineSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrent VersionWPAEvents in
    the right pane double click on “oobetimer”. This will bring up the hex codes. Change at least one digit of this value to anything but what it originally was. It really doesn’t matter. Keep in mind that what you enter must still be in line with the hex-decimal format. (Important: The hex-decimal format consists only of the numbers 1 thru 9 and the letters a through f. Example: If it says “ff d5 71 d6 b3 8d…” Change the “ff” to “1f”. You can not change it to let’s say “fg” because the value “g” does not exist in the hex-decimal system.) This will deactivate windows. Exit regedit.
  2. Choose Run from start menu again and type in this command: “oobe/msoobe /a” (without the quotes of course) to get the activation screen. Then you will want to Activate by phone so Click on “Activate by phone” (no you will not be activating by phone). Click Next.
  3. In the new screen choose the option to change product key and type in the new product key (Corporate one only). You cannot use the famous blacklisted “FCKGW” key. Enter your new legitimate key….no need to click next. Do not click Update. If you do its ok.. but you don’t need to … you now should reboot. Just close that window and reboot your system.
  4. Once rebooted check to make sure that you’re activated. (Enter the command in step 2 again to verify your activation you should see “Windows Is Already Activated”.)

How to remove Windows XP

To remove Windows XP follow these steps:

1. Restart your computer in Safe mode. To do this press the F8 key while Windows is starting.
2. Log on with an account that has administrative credentials.
3. Click Start click Control Panel and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
4. In the list of installed programs double-click Uninstall Windows XP.


Note If Uninstall Windows XP is not in the list of installed programs you must manually reinstall Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition. In this case make sure that you back up all your critical data before you reinstall Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition.

5. When you receive the following message click Yes to start the Windows XP removal:

Are you sure you want to uninstall Windows XP and restore your previous operating system?

6. After Windows XP is removed your computer restarts to the previously-installed operating system.