Sending Google Apps email from a Printer, Scanner or App

From: [box type="info" icon="none"]If your printer, scanner, or application can be configured to send SMTP messages, you can configure it to send mail using the Google Apps mail servers. For details about configuring your device or application to send SMTP messages, refer to its documentation. Google Support cannot assist with the configuration settings. You can connect to the Google Apps mail servers using SMTP or SSL. If you connect using SMTP, you can send mail to [...]

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Google Apps Password Requirements

Some of our clients are experiencing unexpected issues with Gmail, specifically with accounts that are configured via Google Apps.  Google Apps allows you to use your own domain ( for your email address.  If you’re not on a Google Apps account, we don’t think this will affect you. It seems that Google Apps users are getting server errors in their email clients if their account password is too simple.  If you have your Gmail account [...]

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Creating a Secure Password

There have been many issues with online security lately.  The Sony PlayStation network was hacked causing members’ passwords and credit card information to become available online.  Another group of hackers recently infiltrated one of the biggest marketing firms in the world and released millions of emails to spam bots (you may have noticed an increase in spam because of it).  Gawker (a news company) was also hacked and released thousands of people’s passwords to the [...]

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