Unable to Download App on iPhone

After a recent switch to a new cell phone provider, our iPhones popped up the Unable to Download App message whenever trying to install an app or run updates. Unable to Download App "Facebook" could not be downloaded at this time. We do share an Apple ID between the phones and I initially thought it was related to the new SIM cards or something along those lines. Every once in a while I could see [...]

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1Password for iPhone & iPad not Syncing

If you have 1Password 3 for iPhone or iPad and have been using DropBox to sync with your Macs, your logins, credit cards and profiles haven't been syncing recently. Starting September 1, 2013, DropBox made changes and the newer version 4 of 1Password for iOS is required. Using 1Password is a great way to keep all the different logins you use easily accessible across all your devices and browsers. Even better, you can share with [...]

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Amazon’s DRM Causes Reader to Lose Entire Library

I just came across an article from a fellow Twitter user (you can follow us on Twitter via @MacWorksInc) that explained an extreme case of bad DRM practices directly from Amazon.com.  Click here to read the original article. Shocking, disgusting, rude, arrogant -- all of those words describe the situation a traveling reader encountered earlier this week.  Lynn (last name undisclosed) received an email explaining that Amazon closed her account and wiped her Kindle e-reader.  What's [...]

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The new iPad and other price updates!

MacWorks is happy to announce that we have the new iPad parts in stock and ready to go.  We've added the repair to the front page of our store for easy accessibility.  If you recently purchased the new iPad, we're the best source for a repair. Unfortunately, the iPad 3 is just as easy to break as previous iPads... so we wanted to make sure we're taking care of our customers.  Parts are still very [...]

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AppleCare for iPad discontinued, AppleCare+ March 16

If you're concerned about protecting your iPad for two full years, now may be a good time to purchase AppleCare.  As of March 16th, Apple will discontinue normal AppleCare for iPad and replace it with AppleCare+.  That means a higher purchase price compared to the current plan but adds a cheaper replacement option for damaged devices.  We believe that AppleCare is absolutely necessary for a Mac, but for an iOS device... it's a questionable investment. [...]

2017-08-28T22:37:57-04:00March 8th, 2012|iPhone|

The new iPad, Apple TV and lots of updated software

This morning brought goodies and toys to all girls and boys in Apple's realm of influence.  Apple's CEO Tim Cook spent a few minutes going over some very impressive numbers like 25 Billion app installs, 350+ Million iOS devices sold-to-date, and 62 Million sold in quarter four 2011.  Wow.  Apple's stock finished up for the day.  Historically, the stock price takes a hit during big reveals due to rampant pre-keynote speculation by wannabe analysts who [...]

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Adobe abandons Flash for mobile devices

I remember watching Steve Jobs sitting on a couch during the iPad's first keynote: people were legitimately shocked to see that it couldn't display a Flash ad as he browsed the internet during the demo.  Some people wrote it off as an unfinished product, ‘the final version will surely ship with Flash.’  When it didn't, the technology world threw a fit and called Apple closed-minded.  Pundits also believed Apple tried to cover up the lack [...]

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iPhone battery tips for your new 4S

Twitter, Facebook and all of the other social networks are flooded with complaints of short battery life for the iPhone 4S.  But it doesn't stop there... other people are having issues with their battery life after upgrading to iOS 5.  Apple has commented that there is a fix on the way but there could be something else at play.  The iPhone 4S has an amazingly power processor without much of a bump in battery capacity [...]

2017-08-28T22:21:20-04:00November 8th, 2011|iPhone|

Jailbreak Resources for the Adventurous

It seems like I'm asked about a new jailbreak for iOS 5 a few times a week.  As of this writing... there isn't one.  In fact, Apple is currently working on an update to address potential battery issues for the iPhone 4S.  When it becomes public information that a new iOS update is on it's way, we won't see a new jailbreak until after that shows up. It's a cat and mouse game.  It's not [...]

2017-08-28T23:31:01-04:00November 7th, 2011|iPhone|

Move your App Data and SMS manually – Verizon iPhone from AT&T

We wrote previously that the Verizon iPhone couldn’t restore from an AT&T backup due to the differences in firmware.  We've seen a huge spike in traffic for that post and it said, "you're stuck."  That wasn’t the ideal solution but, at that time, we didn't know of any alternatives.  After talking with one of our readers (thanks, Matt), we dug into the issue a little bit more.  If your old AT&T iPhone was running a [...]

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