Godfrey Johnson PC is civil litigation law firm using Daylite to manage their cases and run their firm. Marketcircle recently reached out to Brett Godfrey to learn more about how the firm uses their Macs to drive the practice.

In 2012, Lab548 converted and imported all of their Time Matters data into Daylite allowing the team to move forward on day one with all their historical data including the important links. In 2013 we assisted with moving them to Jive Communications’ VOIP solution and are currently implementing a way to have Daylite automatically recognize incoming Caller ID and launch a notes window linked to the contact. They will also be able to dial the phone directly from Daylite’s contact record.

[quote]Marketcircle: Why have you chosen Daylite to help your firm?

Brett Godfrey: We’re devoted to David Allen’s “Get Things Done” methodology. After comparing Daylite to other platforms, we decided to go with Daylite because it is the closest to being GTD based. We use mind mapping software so that we can put our plans and ideas for case handling into a structural context to link ideas and carry their development forward with a number of tasks.

MC: What are some of your favourite time savers in Daylite?

BG: We use the hot keys extensively. The search functions and smart lists are also powerful tools. I also like that we can customize our keywords and roles. I’d say the best single feature is that Daylite is designed to service a GTD based work flow. Daylite Mail Assistant serves the concept of Inbox Zero. With Daylite and DMI we can employ the methodologies of Inbox Zero and GTD as part of a single centralized workflow methodology.[/quote]

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