1. Quit Daylite
  2. Launch OpenBaseManager from your Applications folder
  3. Click Local in the left column wait for it to show you the databases
  4. Control-click on [databasename]OFFLINE and select Stop Database
  5. After the status indicator to the left of the database name goes red control-click on the database again and select Delete Database
  6. Re-launch Daylite and login to the online database
  7. Go File > Database > Go Offline
  8. You’ll see a warning message that you are going to create a new Offline database and it’ll ask for your Mac OS X password
  9. Allow about 15-20 minutes for the Offline database to be created once it’s finished Daylite should automatically transition you to the Offline database and you’ll see [databasename]OFFLINE at the top of the Daylite window.