Apple Mail

These instructions will walk you through the process of setting up your hosted email on Apple Mail 4.0 client.

  1. Open mail for the first time and you will be prompted with a similar screen or you can go to the menu to mail preferences accounts and add (+) an additional account.
  2. Hit continue then enter your incoming mail server information. More than likely the account type is IMAP but it is important to know this before continuing. Note: You may be prompted about your SSL certificate this is normal so please continue.

  3. Hit continue and mail will verify your settings then take you to outgoing mail server page.

  4. Finally you will be taken to a screen to review your settings and take the account online. Please verify settings and hit create. In your mail preferences under accounts you should see your account appear as seen here.

  5. To check your work go to the menu called window then connection doctor. This will ensure you can get online and connected to your mail server. A good connection will appear as a green dot and a broken connection will show as orange or red.

If you have any issues with the connection or setup process please contact Macworks @ 303.817.6252