These are specific to a set of databases running in FileMaker 5 Server but the directions should be helpful for all database versions setups. The process is similar to rebuilding an Entourage database and can be useful for maintenance and if there are issues with the databases. I usually perform this after a server crash or need to use the Recover command.
  1. Close all files by stopping the FileMaker Server.
  2. Open FileMaker on the Server system.


  1. From the File Menu choose Open.
  2. Open the file you want to compress.
  3. From the File Menu choose Save a Copy As.
  4. Click and hold on the pop-up menu to the right of the words Save a:.
  5. Select “compressed copy (smaller).”
  6. In the Save dialog box the word ‘Copy’ will be added to the end of the filename.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat for all files.
  9. Quit FileMaker and move all original files to another folder.
  10. Rename the “Copy” files to the original filename retaining the appropriate extension convention of the original files. (Ex: Sales Copy.fp5 to Sales.fp5 or Sales Copy to Sales).


  1. Open all files by starting the FileMaker Server.
  2. Go to Applications > FileMaker Server 5 and open the Events.log to verify all files opened successfully.