I have been trying to launch Windows QuickBooks 2010-2011 data files that are stored in the users Mac home directory.

For VMWare Fusion

QuickBooks cannot save a company data file on a shared or mirrored folder.

When you attempt to save a new company data file to a shared or mirrored folder QuickBooks reports error -6176 0 “QuickBooks cannot get the network address of the server”. To have QuickBooks recognize the shared or mirrored folder as legitimate you must add the folder to the hosts file.

  1. In the guest operating system go to WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  2. Open the hosts file.
  3. Add the line vmware-host and save.

Note: This can sometimes create undesired behavior: opening a file in the guest instead of failing when shared folders are not functioning or it can cause a login dialog to appear under some circumstances.

For Parallels

In Windows open C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts in Notepad

Add a line that matches the host (Mac) IP address which can be found in ‘System Preferences’->’Network’ on your Mac. Depending on how your VM is using networking will determine which IP to use. I am using ‘Shared Networking’ (In Parallels->Devices->Network Adapter) so I use the IP from ‘Parallels Shared Networking Adapter’ in my case

My hosts file looks like this:
Quote: .psf .psf