1Password for iPhone & iPad not Syncing

If you have 1Password 3 for iPhone or iPad and have been using DropBox to sync with your Macs, your logins, credit cards and profiles haven't been syncing recently. Starting September 1, 2013, DropBox made changes and the newer version 4 of 1Password for iOS is required. Using 1Password is a great way to keep all the different logins you use easily accessible across all your devices and browsers. Even better, you can share with [...]

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Facebook Photo Sync, Flickr for iPhone 2.0, 1Password 4, T-Mobile iPhones — MacWorks Weekly Ep 11

Josh and Chris from MacWorks talk about the latest news in the realm of Apple and Technology. This week they discuss Facebook's new Photo Sync features, Flickr's update to their now-popular iPhone app, 1Password version 4 and the iPhone coming to T-Mobile... finally.

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Creating a Secure Password

There have been many issues with online security lately.  The Sony PlayStation network was hacked causing members’ passwords and credit card information to become available online.  Another group of hackers recently infiltrated one of the biggest marketing firms in the world and released millions of emails to spam bots (you may have noticed an increase in spam because of it).  Gawker (a news company) was also hacked and released thousands of people’s passwords to the [...]

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