Intro to AppleCare+ – Lab548 Weekly 27

AppleCare+ is a great way to protect your iPad & iPhone! We introduce you to the benefits in this weeks' episode. AppleCare+ covers just about everything that can happen to your iPad or iPhone for two full years including Apple's support specialists available by phone to help answer any of your questions. Included with your iOS device is a one year warranty and 90 days of phone support from Apple. It covers issues such as [...]

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AppleCare for iPad discontinued, AppleCare+ March 16

If you're concerned about protecting your iPad for two full years, now may be a good time to purchase AppleCare.  As of March 16th, Apple will discontinue normal AppleCare for iPad and replace it with AppleCare+.  That means a higher purchase price compared to the current plan but adds a cheaper replacement option for damaged devices.  We believe that AppleCare is absolutely necessary for a Mac, but for an iOS device... it's a questionable investment. [...]

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