LG Buys webOS, evasi0n jailbreak, App.net, Quick Key, Weezic — MacWorks Weekly Episode 18

Josh and Chris from MacWorks talk about the latest news in the realm of Apple and Technology. This week they discuss LG's purchase of webOS (Palm's old operating system) from HP for use in their TVs, evasi0n jailbreak being closed from iOS 6.1.3, App.net's introduction of an invite-only free tier, Quick Key grading app for iPhone, Weezic virtual sheet music app that critiques your performance and the fact that the UK judge who forced Apple [...]

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Jailbreak Resources for the Adventurous

It seems like I'm asked about a new jailbreak for iOS 5 a few times a week.  As of this writing... there isn't one.  In fact, Apple is currently working on an update to address potential battery issues for the iPhone 4S.  When it becomes public information that a new iOS update is on it's way, we won't see a new jailbreak until after that shows up. It's a cat and mouse game.  It's not [...]

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Move your App Data and SMS manually – Verizon iPhone from AT&T

We wrote previously that the Verizon iPhone couldn’t restore from an AT&T backup due to the differences in firmware.  We've seen a huge spike in traffic for that post and it said, "you're stuck."  That wasn’t the ideal solution but, at that time, we didn't know of any alternatives.  After talking with one of our readers (thanks, Matt), we dug into the issue a little bit more.  If your old AT&T iPhone was running a [...]

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