Here is a good list of tools you can use to troubleshoot/fix Windows. Though not a complete list it is a good start. Please feel free to add on to the list if you know of anything worth using.

I tried to include only portable versions of the programs so you can keep them on USB keys.

Anti-Virus Programs
Avast Portable (
AVG Portable (

Anti-Malware Programs
SuperAntiSpyware Portable (
Spybot Search and Destroy Portable (

Hardware Testing Software
Seatools for Windows ( – Hard Drive testing including SMART status for internal drives
FurMark ( – Stress test graphics cards
Prime95 ( – Stress test CPU (includes instructions)
Memtest86+ ( – Memory test (I recommend the USB version. Installer in the downloads. Requires Windows to setup)

Combination Live-CDs (more advanced tools generally)
Ubuntu-MRT (Malware Removal Toolkit) (
Ultimate Boot CD ( – Crazy amount of tools. Well worth using if you spend some time to learn.
Ultimate Boot CD for Windows ( – Similar to UBC but with some added Windows specific tools