Our partner Marketcircle released their newest version of the Daylite Productivity Suite dubbed Daylite 4. Many of the frequently requested features are now available in the newly updated suite. Changes to the interface, licensing, and integration have made using Daylite in a solo to multi-user environment even easier. This is due to the diligent efforts of the Marketcircle engineering team to completely redesign and rebuild the code. Using what they learned from previous Daylite versions and customer feedback this makes Daylite 4 a welcome edition.

Before running off and upgrading there are some very important changes to be aware of with Daylite 4 and evaluation options listed on Marketcircle’s site.

First and foremost Daylite 4 requires Apple’s Lion OS version 10.7.4 or higher to install. Any existing reporting will need to be revamped for the updated API, and Daylite Delivery has been tossed to the curb waiting for a ride back to Marketcircle if the customer feedback demands it. Any third party connectors, dialers, or plugins will be removed until they are updated for the new version. Billings or Billings Pro users will lose integration with Daylite  until future updates are released, and once again Marketcircle is looking for feedback on this feature. Upgrading from Daylite 3 to 4 starts at $179.95 and is free to purchasers of Daylite 3 who checked out between April 30th, 2012 to May 29th, 2012.

As always we encourage you to contact us first to create a roll out plan for updating or switching to help save you the time and headache in managing your own upgrade, and help us limit your downtime. New users can and will really appreciate the new features that have been long anticipated by current users of Daylite. As a Daylite Master Partner we will be offering free webinars so please be sure to sign up using the form at the bottom of the page. Now time to review our top three picks from the new features listed on the Marketcircle site.

New Interface.

One of our long time, most loved features has always been the intuitive design of Daylite. As Mac users we expect a lot in terms of design and this release has truly delivered a fantastic interface. Many of our clients have always found Daylite 3 just a tad too busy and overwhelming during their first glance, but Daylite 4 has gone above and beyond our expectations. The busy design and confusing mess of menus have been tossed out for something new and fresh.

Siri get to work.

Finally no more syncing using old sync service technology just pure iCloud integration with CardDAV and CalDAV. Ask Siri to update an appointment, see who is calling you, and take the guessing game out of using your iPhone 4S with Daylite.

Improved Calendar.

Now calendar invitation are built into your Daylite calendar using Daylite Mail Assistant (DMA). Have a few calendars right inside Daylite to keep tabs on coworkers, family, and friends. Finally suscribe to iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV calendars inside Daylite.

Our top three along with enhancements in tasks, projects, data output, and improved integration with Apple mail makes Daylite 4 a solid choice for any small business or one man operations. Please contact us today to setup an introductory call on Daylite 4 so we can help you get the best implementation and support. More updates coming from MacWorks regarding webinars demoing this marvelous product so please sign up on the form below or read more to purchase today.

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