Icon-CollaborationThe Daylite 4.3 update is another huge step forward for Marketcircle’s business productivity software for Mac and Daylite Touch for the iPad and iPhone. The full list of feature additions and bug fixes is huge and can be viewed in the release notes. We’ve highlighted some the features that have been most sought after. A word of warning: the addition of forms in Daylite Touch is a big database change, so plan for a full team upgrade of all Daylite software, including the server, desktops, iPhones and iPads.

Forms on Daylite Touch for iPhone & iPad

We’ve been waiting for this one since Daylite Touch was in beta! Now your custom forms can be filled out and viewed on the road. For us having client’s software serials numbers or netowrk IP addresses at our fingertips is a big plus. It’s currently limited to 10 forms and only shows the form template’s name instead of the form’s name, but hey, we’ll take it!

Ability to duplicate records

This one is huge when managing workflows and schedules for people as many times the information and links in one appointment are going to be the same for additional ones.

Editing records by double-clicking white space

Using Command + E, to edit records in Daylite is a big time saver. However, there are many places in Daylite where you can double-click to edit and place you couldn’t. Now whenever you have a slide out open—just double-click anywhere there’s not a field!

Clickable hyperlinks for email & web addresses

Nuff said!

Single Installer for Daylite & DMA

Previously, you needed two downloads and installs to mkae sure you had the latest version of both Daylite and ther Daylite Mail Assistant for Apple mail integration. Now just one inbstall and both are up to date.

Other Welcome Features

  • Added an option to edit the email sent out to external invitees of an appointment
  • Added ability to choose a colour to be associated for a given user, which can be used to colour calendar appointments
  • Added the ability to bulk edit repeating appointments
  • Added option to change the user name of a user in the User and Teams Preference pane
  • Tasks marked done or cancelled no long show in Calendar view
  • Sync indicator warning icon now appears yellow if you haven’t synced for more than a day, and red if you haven’t synced for more than 3 days
  • Added the ability to specify a category (or none) when importing ICS files