These instructions are specific to 123together hosted Exchange 2007 and may or may not be helpful for other Exchange environments.

To set permissions for an Exchange user’s Inbox Contacts or Calendar to be shared with another Exchange user…

  1. right click on the Inbox Contacts or Calendar folder to be shared and select Sharing
  2. click Add User
  3. search for the user you want to share with select from the search results and click Advanced
  4. enter Domain: MAIL and Account ID: username (ie: rosenthal.scott)
  5. select the newly added user from the users list and select an appropriate Permission Level
  6. click OK

For user B to see user A’s Exchange data you must first grant access to user B in the Sharing preferences from user A’s Entourage. then to see user A’s data from user B’s Entourage follow these steps…

  1. File > Open Other User’s Folder
  2. Click the person icon to the right of the User field
  3. Search for the user who’s Exchange data you’d like to see
  4. Select the contact from the search results and click Advanced
  5. Leave Name as is
  6. Change E-mail Address to the “alternate email address” (ie: [email protected])
  7. Change Server Address to:
  8. Click OK
  9. Select the type of Exchange data you want to see from the pull-down menu
  10.  Click OK