To troubleshoot any sort of sync failure between Daylite and Blackberry…

  1. Backup Daylite db iCal and Address Book
  2. Check for any other programs that may be talking to the local SyncServices database like MobileMe. Consider these programs before taking any actions.
  3. Quit Daylite iCal/Address Book and Blackberry Desktop Manager
  4. Launch iSync go to iSync Preferences click Reset Sync History. wait for button to go grey and then come back to black. close iSync.
  5. Launch Daylite go to Daylite Preferences > Synchronization. Turn On Syncing configure Daylite sync appropriately.
    test Daylite to iCal/AB sync
  6. Disconnect Blackberry from Mac if applicable. client should not be talking to you on Blackberry right now.
  7. Remove ~/Library/App Support/BlackberryDesktop and ~/Library/Caches/com.rim.blackberrydesktopmanager
  8. Connect Blackberry should auto-launch Blackberry Desktop Manager
  9. Configure Blackberry sync appropriately set to Replace Data on Blackberry for this sync