DMI Install for Multiple Users

anyone figured out a way to have dmi install at first login of a user? or make it work with dmi installed in /Library instead of ~/ Library? having the dmi files in the user’s home directory does not fit well with an imaging and deployment workflow.

MarketCircle Advice: Try putting it in /Library/Mail/Bundles

it worked but with a few tweaks:

  1. adjust ownership and permissions of /Mail /Mail/Bundles and /Mail/ Bundles’ contents to allow similar reads and writes to all users as they would have for an ‘installer user’.
  2. be sure to add the file with the ‘EnableBundles’ key set to ‘YES’ to /Library/Preferences and set it permissions or set this through managed preferences or defaults write command.

Offline Best Practices

If possible please select File > Database > Go Online once a day and then go back offline. We’ve found this to increase stability vs simply Sync with Online Database …

Best practice to recommend this to clients (maybe not every day) always as if there is a sync issue getting in this habit will make sure the issue is identified sooner than later. Also always advise that working online is the best way to go stability wise but the offline functionality is very convenient.

Offline Sync Issues

my computer was off from Friday afternoon until tonight. when i was working tonight i noticed that my offline db wasn’t syncing. i tried to go online and let it spin for about 25 minutes and it wouldn’t complete the sync. Console logs for the sync client showed no activity. port scan of the server was fine. i checked the Daylite Server and Dave’s offline db had synced tonight.

i removed the com.marketcircle.daylite.plist from my ~/Library and re-configured Daylite to connect to our server. on first login Daylite brought me into my Offline database first attempt to transition to Online took about 2 full minutes but was successful. it synced all my data in and is now syncing on the auto 5 minute interval.

so if you have a client with a stubborn offline try removing that plist.