** The Sent Items note at the bottom is important as it is most likely set differently.

Google Apps Sync Download & Windows/Outlook update links


Google Apps Sync Info


This is a great page to leave for the team member as it answers a lot of requests (offline!) and notes differences.

The installation/setup of the plugin will create an entirely new Outlook profile so there is no need to adjust the IMAP account beforehand.

– To access the previous profile(s) Windows Control Panels > Mail settings and click Show Profiles.

Important initial questions are on calendars and contacts. You have the option to import all of this information to Google Apps during initial setup. Ask if the team member is using their Outlook calendar or their Google calendar currently and the same with Contacts. These may even be separate with the Outlook calendar having old Exchange data so this may also be good opportunity to merge these if it hadn’t been done in the past. Our long term goal is everyone on Google Calendars.

Check for additional email accounts and evaluate. Setup Google Gears.

After that is answered backup Calendars & Contacts from the Google web-interface side. Let me know if you need more details on that but should only take a minute. Just the Google Apps Calendar/Contact data needs be backed up as the Outlook data will reside in an alternate profile.

The installer asks for the email address and password. Then it will ask for the import preference.

– Email is all in Google Apps so uncheck Email

– Ask on Contacts and Calendars (I would assume Check for most but may lead to duplicates?)

– Checked for Notes journal entries and tasks (not synced with Google)

If a step is missed or skipped etc. these dialogs can be brought up from All Programs > Google Apps Sync. Import no data is an option and then can be done later.

In the taskbar of Windows there is a Google Sync icon that will allow you to set the Mailbox Size Limit of the Outlook synced mailboxes. This may be something we adjust based on performance. Most mailboxes are quite large so I would anticipate we would want to set it high and then dial it back if we continue to see slowness. Google: “Note however that if you don’t have a very powerful computer a larger size might degrade performance when searching and indexing.”

If your Sent Items folder isn’t saving your sent messages you need to restore a default setting in Outlook’s E-mail settings. In Outlook open Tools > Options. On the Preferences tab click E-mail Options. Then check the Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder box.