1. Download/install the latest version of Firefox for Mac.
  2. Open Terminal and paste in this command and hit Return: ssh macworks@[server.domain.com] -D 2001
  3. When Terminal asks for a password enter: [server-password] (Terminal doesn’t show characters as you type. just type the password and hit Return)
  4. Terminal should show a new line beginning with: [server]:/ [user]$. if you see this you can close Terminal.
  5. Launch Firefox and open Firefox Preferences
  6. Navigate Firefox preferences to Advanced > Network > click the Settings button to the right of where it says “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet”
  7. Near the top set the blue radio button to “Manual proxy configuraiton”
    1. in the SOCKS Host field enter:
    2. in the Port field on the same line enter: 2001
    3. set radio button to SOCKS v4
    4. click OK
  8. Go to whatismyip.com and it should report the proxy’s address