Issue: Setup with Exchange iPhone calendar only has invitation events or iPhone created events all other Exchange sync working

– Was working before office move and install of Jott & Windows Live plugins for Outlook
– He already wiped the account from the iPhone and recreated
– iPhone created events show up in Outlook
– All events show up in OWA so Outlook is syncing with Exchange server
– Address Book and Mail are working on iPhone without issue

From the chatter i am seeing on this issue and related issues it looks like a this could be a combination of things:

  1. The windows Live plugin seems to cause some havoc with syncing to the iPhone.
    – Proposed Solutions:  Make sure client is running latest version of Outlook ie 2007 version.
    – Are they subscribed to the premium version of Windows Live it costs like $10 per month but allows the syncing of calendars from Exchange Outlook and Windows Live to the iPhone.
  2. Has the client cleared out any Calendar entries with dates older than 1970 and any recurring calendars they need to either halt the recurrence or put a ending date to the recurring.  Endless recurring events freak out the sync to the iPhone calendar.
  3. The most likely culprit here is some kind of conflict in the Windows Live plug in with Outlook and Exchange.  It could be that the Live plugin changed the syncing setup from syncing with Exchange to trying to sync the phone to outlook even though the phone is still set up to sync to Exchange.  It is also possible the Live plugin changed the Outlook file type from PST to OST which the iPhone dosent understand.
  4. I would suggest uninstalling the Windows Live plugins unless necessary for the customer’s work flow.  If they need to have that feature then they need to be on the latest version of everything even suggesting Vista….yikes!