1. from the Home screen tap Settings then tap Mail Contacts Calendars
  2. tap your current Exchange account
  3. tap Delete Account at the bottom
  4. it’ll take a second to delete and then you’re back at the Accounts page
  5. tap Add Account
  6. tap Exchange
  7. enter the following settings…
    1. Email: [Your Email]
    2. Domain: MAIL
    3. Username: [Your User]
    4. Password: [Your Password]
    5. Description: [Short Description]
  8. tap Next
  9. if you get a message that says: Unable to Verify Certificate tap Accept
  10. next a Server field is revealed enter the following…
    1. Server: exch1.123together.com
    2. tap Next
  11. leave Mail Contacts Calendars set to ON
  12. tap Done
  13. now you’re back at the Accounts page again
  14. tap your Exchange account
  15. tap Mail Days to Sync
  16. tap No Limit
  17. tap the top left button to save/return then tap top left again
  18. once you’re back at the Accounts page scroll to the very bottom and double check that in the Calendars section the Time Zone Support is set to your timezone.
  19. return to the home screen and give your phone 5-10 minutes to sync with the Exchange server and download your mail/contacts/calendars