IMPORTANT: iPhone absolutely will not work on USB 1.

If iPhone is not recognized remove Apple Mobile Device components listed below reinstall iTunes.

  • /Applications/iTunes
  • ~/Library/iTunes
  • ~/Library/Lockdown
  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • /Library/Receipts/AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg
  • /Library/Receipts/iTunesAccess.pkg
  • /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
  • /System/Library/Extensions/AppleMobileDevice.kext
  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DeviceLink.framework
  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework

Error message: “iTunes cannot sync information with iPhone because syncing has been disabled on this computer” is likely caused by corrupt SyncServices database. Backup iCal/AB data run Terminal command

/System/Library/Frameworks/SyncServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ full

to reset sync then remove ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices. Reboot and sync as usual.