Setting up Shared Addresses (10.6 Server & Client Only)

Method 1 – Group Address Book

Server Setup:

  1. Open WorkGroup Manager click View and select Show System Records.
  2. Change to the Local Directory click Groups and click Add.
  3. Change it to LDAP Directory and drag group it into the “AB Read-Write Groups” group and Save.
  4. Restart Address Book service in Server Admin.

Client Setup:

  1. Open Address Book > Preferences > Accounts and click Add.
  2. Enter user name & password
  3. Enter the following as server address and click Create. These names are case-sensitive.
    1. Non-SSL: http://[server-address]:8800/principals/groups/[group-name]/
    2. SSL: https://[server-address]:8843/principals/groups/[group-name]/

Method 2 – User Address Book

Set up a user on the server for just address sharing. Have users use On My Mac for their addresses and this account for shared addresses.