Add iCal Server Account in iCal – Mac OS X 10.6

  1. iCal > Preferences > Accounts
  2. Click the + button
  3. For email address enter
    [User Name]@[Server Name]
  4. Enter your server password
  5. Under Account Information you can edit the Description and set your available hours
  6. Under Delegation you can give people access to your calendars or accept access

Add iCal Server Account in iCal – Mac OS X 10.5

[Server Name]:[Port Number]/principals/__uids__/[GUID from Workgroup Manager Inspector]/

Add Group Wiki Calendar in iCal – 10.5

  1. Use your user name and password.
  2. Enter the following as the server address:


Add Group Wiki Calendar in iCal – 10.6

  1. iCal > Preferences > Accounts
  2. Click the + button
  3. Select Account Type: CalDAV
  4. Enter your User Name and Password
  5. Enter Server Address: xserve.[domain].com/principals/__uids__/https[servernamewithnodots]groupsteam/
  6. After “No CalDAV server was found at the specified address” warning click Continue
  7. Enter User Name and Password
  8. Enter Server Address: xserve.[domain].com
  9. Enter Server path: /principals/__uids__/wiki-https[servernamewithnodots]groupsteam/
  10. Port: 8443 Check Use SSL
  11. Click Continue and “The server responded with an error” will pop up twice
  12. Go to Server Settings of the new account
  13. Change Server Path: /principals/__uids__/wiki-https[servernamewithnodots]groupsteam/
  14. Go to Account Information and enter a Description
  15. Quit iCal and restart (You may need to re-enter your password)

Add All Users in a Group as Delegates

This gives all users in a group to read/write or read permission to a user’s iCal Server calendars without having to enter each individually in iCal Account Preferences. This must be done for once each new user but is dynamic as far as group membership is concerned. Incredible time saver and central management tool.

In Terminal on the server type the following for each user.

sudo calendarserver_manage_principals –add-read-proxy=groups:[groupname] users:[username]


sudo calendarserver_manage_principals –add-write-proxy=groups:[groupname] users:[username]

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