Customer Relationship Management on Mac, iPhone & iPad

Lauren Carlson of put together a great overview highlighting several Mac and web-based CRM solutions including our favorite, Daylite, to keep you on top of all your relationships. “Mac-based CRM systems are a great choice for companies utilizing a Mac iOS, as these systems were developed with that OS in mind. Therefore, the look and feel and straightforward user interface will be similar to the one Apple users have come to expect. Below is [...]

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Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility: RoaringApps

If you're not using one of the applications we've discussed in our compatibility series, we'd suggest checking out  They developed a compatibility wiki that allows anyone to search through the application list and see what works and what does not.  We took a quick look through the list and found a very polished interface with a lot of valuable information. We'll still update the blog when we hear about extreme cases of incompatibility but [...]

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Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility: Rosetta Applications

We're not trying to annoy you with duplicate content, but we want to emphasize the fact that Lion does not support Rosetta applications.  We covered this in depth in a previous article.  If you're a long-time Mac user, you'll probably have applications that will not work with Lion from a fundamental level. Rosetta applications cannot, will not run on Lion.  We heard murmurs of third-party enablers for Rosetta on Lion, but the application developers and [...]

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Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility: Daylite and Billings

With the introduction of Mac OS X Lion, we're covering compatibility issues with popular applications like Adobe Creative Suite, Marketcircle applications, Quickbooks, Acclivity software, and all Rosetta Applications.  Please read through our Lion Compatibility list to make sure you're safe to upgrade.  If you've found a glaring incompatibility with Lion, please contact us so we can share the information with others. Daylite The folks at Marketcircle have done a great job keeping everyone updated on their Lion [...]

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Preparing for Lion – Startup disk can’t be used as a restore source

Preparing for Lion is our new series that will help you transition to Mac OS 10.7 Lion. We’ll be adding more articles all the time, so be sure to come back and read them. If you’d like to see all of our Lion materials, click Preparing for Lion. To use this disk as a source, restart your computer using the recovery system, and open Disk Utility again. A little birdie found that error in the latest [...]

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2011 Time Capsule: less heat, cheaper drives

Apple released a new generation of Time Capsule last week.  Contrary to speculation, there weren’t any major differences between the 2011 Time Capsule and the generations of old.  Several rumor sites said that it would run iOS and cache Apple software updates for all of your devices... neither of those rumors ended up being true.  In fact, Apple didn't modify any components but the hard drives. Overheating plagued the Time Capsule since its first generation: [...]

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Connect to a remote Mac server with a Windows XP PC via VPN

If you're coming to this article via Google or some other external source, you should know that we covered the use of a VPN connection in detail on our Windows 7 setup instructions.  This article is a guide to help Windows XP users who need to connect to a remote Mac server for file sharing.  We have to configure this through a VPN connection.  We actually recommend using the built-in VPN connection on the Mac server. [...]

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Get more from your Mac – Solid State Drives and RAM Upgrades

We’ve covered solid-state drives (SSDs) on a couple other blogs previously, but we wanted to get that information into the MacWorks Repairs blog (our apologies for the new post, but it has more helpful information).  Most people have no idea how much performance a solid-state drive or a RAM upgrade can add to their Mac.  We hope that this post will help you understand that.  If you’re considering either upgrade, you’ll only hear encouragement from [...]

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Connect to a Mac server share point with Windows 7 via VPN

Over the years, we’ve set up many clients with a Mac server for VPN, file sharing, Web Hosting, etc.  During that time, the number of “bilingual” companies (I use that term for offices that speak both Mac and PC) increased dramatically.  Most, if not all, of our new server installations ask about PC connectivity for file sharing.  It only takes a few minutes to configure the Mac server for VPN, but the client-side configuration can [...]

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