We’re not trying to annoy you with duplicate content, but we want to emphasize the fact that Lion does not support Rosetta applications.  We covered this in depth in a previous article.  If you’re a long-time Mac user, you’ll probably have applications that will not work with Lion from a fundamental level.

Rosetta applications cannot, will not run on Lion.  We heard murmurs of third-party enablers for Rosetta on Lion, but the application developers and Apple will not support any Rosetta applications on Lion.  Here are a few applications we’ve seen on some of our machines:

  • Quicken 2007
  • FileMaker 6
  • FileMaker 8
  • Adobe CS1
  • Microsoft Office 2004
  • Older versions of software
Please look at our older article to make sure your business-critical applications are compatible with Lion before hitting the buy button.  If you’re wondering about a specific application, there’s a great website out there with a lot of information about Lion compatibility: RoaringApps.com.