With the introduction of Mac OS X Lion, we’re covering compatibility issues with popular applications like Adobe Creative Suite, Marketcircle applications, Quickbooks, Acclivity software, and all Rosetta Applications.  Please read through our Lion Compatibility list to make sure you’re safe to upgrade.  If you’ve found a glaring incompatibility with Lion, please contact us so we can share the information with others.


The folks at Marketcircle have done a great job keeping everyone updated on their Lion compatibility.  They released a beta version of Daylite and Daylite Mail Integration for their partners as soon as Apple announced the Lion Golden Master seed two weeks ago.  We’ve been testing it since that time and everything appears to be running well so far.  Today, they released that beta version to the public.

In previous builds, the Daylite database would not synchronize over the internet (or a different subnet)… you had to be on the local network.  After reading the comments in the forums, it looks like they’ve fixed that issue.  They are currently working on compatibility with Lion and Daylite Server.  It is not compatible presently.  They identified a bug in Lion that they’d like to see fixed before releasing a new version of Daylite Server… but they’re testing a few workarounds that will fix compatibility.

Do not upgrade your Daylite server machine to Lion yet.  It will break everything and keep you from using your database.  We’ll update this article once we’ve heard of a fix.  If you found this article because your Daylite stopped working, please contact us so we can help you downgrade to a compatible version of the operating system.


Billings Pro (Cloud) and Billings are compatible with Lion through the latest updates available in the Mac App Store.  Marketcircle recently submitted Billing Pro 1.5.2 so it may take it some time to populate to your computer.

Billings Pro Server runs into the same Lion bug as Daylite server.  Marketcircle is working on an application update for the client software, but it is not currently available (even in beta form).  Billings Pro Server for Lion is still under development.  Again, we’ll update this article when we see a fix.

Please contact us if you have any questions about either piece of software.  We’ll answer with the best knowledge available.  Please be sure to read our blog or follow @macworksinc on Twitter for the latest updates.  If you’re wondering about a specific application, try browsing RoaringApps.com for the latest compatibility information.