If you’ve read through our blog at length, you’ll know that we’ve had a difficult time getting Lion Server to allow VPN connections from PCs.  From modifying registry files to typing in terminal commands, we couldn’t find an easy way to help our customers implement Snow-Leopard-era VPN features on Lion Server.  Unfortunately, Apple removed a lot of features from the GUI (graphical user interface), which makes it almost impossible for a normal user to enable VPN especially PPTP.

So we’re replacing it with a solid third-party VPN solution called iVPN.

iVPN gives you everything you need from a VPN in a nice user interface.  No more terminal commands.  No more registry hacks.  You can enable PPTP for your Windows machines and connect right away.  It even integrates with Directory Server so you don’t have to recreate all of your users.  If you’ve struggled with VPN on Lion Server, this is definitely the solution to get you back online.  It’s just £14.99 or roughly $25.

This isn’t an ad for their software… we just got excited to find an easy solution to one of the many problems with Lion Server.  We’ll be writing more articles on ways to regain your Mac OS X Server capabilities with the stripped-down software that is Lion Server.  This is a step in the right direction and we’ll have more for you soon.

Thanks to our friend Danny Sears for turning us on to this great solution!