***Update*** As we have found out since the release of Lion, Apple continues to sell Snow Leopard in their online store for anyone who may have missed it the first time around.  We definitely suggest upgrading as soon as possible.

That’s not a suggestion… it’s a necessity.

Without sounding like a drill sergeant, we’re strongly suggesting that any Leopard users upgrade to Snow Leopard as soon as possible.  If you’re running an Intel Mac (Core 2 Duo or better), you cannot afford to miss the upgrade train.  During WWDC last week, Apple announced a July ship date for Mac OS 10.7 Lion.  Previous Apple operating systems become extremely hard to find as soon as the new OS starts shipping.  With that said, Snow Leopard has to be top on your priority list… today.

Why is the upgrade critical?  Users must upgrade to Lion through the Mac App Store.  There are workarounds, but they will cost extra time and money to facilitate.  We don’t currently know whether it’s possible to upgrade from Leopard to Lion… it’s better to play it safe and go through the motions now.  The upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard is only $29.  The upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion is only $29.  If you combine those costs, it’s still substantially less than Apple’s previous operating systems.  Tiger and Leopard were $129 for the retail disc.

“But I just purchased Leopard a couple years ago!”

That’s absolutely true.  However, Apple’s not afraid to retire obsolete operating systems when new technology calls for it.  We cannot treat the Mac OS like many of our PC counterparts… we have to stay current to maintain support and compatibility with innovative technology.  Believe it or not, this is a great thing for Mac OS.  By staying current, we can ensure compatibility with every new technology that comes our way.  In the Windows XP world, people scramble everyday to find support and drivers for new technology that will never run on a 10-year-old operating system.

It’s a blessing and a curse… but we’re here to help you through it if you have any questions.