Verio DNS for Google Apps

A few tricky things to be aware of when using Verio hosted DNS and setting up a Google Apps domain ... Verio makes you fully qualify your domain names. always use a trailing dot when creating new records Verio will not let you create a CNAME record that points to another CNAME. is a CNAME to so when creating the CNAME record for our typical you would need to point that to [...]

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CrashPlan Pro and Metadata – Virtual Machine, Time Machine

By default CrashPlan PRO backs up everything in the User directory. Sometimes there are some files stored there that it doesn't make sense to back up and there is no reason to expend any CPU or disk on backing them up. iTunes Movie Rental Backup Problem Let's look at iTunes movie rentals. An iTunes movie rental file is a 1-2GB file that gets automatically deleted after 24 hours. If you back it up it won't [...]

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CrashPlan Pro – Back Up Virtual Machines or Separate Boot Partitions

Independent “computers” which includes Virtual Machines (VMs) and separate boot partitions like Boot Camp are best handled with a PRO Client installed directly into them. This provides real-time backup support and granularity at the file level within the VM or system. It also avoids backing up the OS data. Considerations If a VM doesn't need constant protection then it's possible to snapshot occasionally and let CrashPlan PRO back up those files. If you choose to [...]

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Mac 10.6 Mail Server – Sending mail from Outlook

In Mac OS X Server v10.6, Postfix is configured to require a fully qualified hostname from SMTP clients. This setting is configurable and the restriction can be removed however any modification of a security-related setting should be evaluated prior to making the change. Once you have evaluated the change you can use the following steps to implement it: Note: Before proceeding back up the /etc/postfix/ file as a precaution. Option 1 In /etc/postfix/ locate the [...]

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Daylite – Tips & Tricks

DMI Install for Multiple Users anyone figured out a way to have dmi install at first login of a user? or make it work with dmi installed in /Library instead of ~/ Library? having the dmi files in the user's home directory does not fit well with an imaging and deployment workflow. MarketCircle Advice: Try putting it in /Library/Mail/Bundles it worked but with a few tweaks: adjust ownership and permissions of /Mail /Mail/Bundles and /Mail/ [...]

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Time Machine Sparse Bundle Restore

Restoring a Mac from its Time Machine Sparse Bundle You MUST configure a new drive using the following format: Partition Map Scheme = GUID Format = Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive Journaled) Once you format the drive goto the Get Info window and UNCHECK "Ignore ownership on this volume". Now copy the "Backups.backupdb" to the root level then connect and restore the Backup!

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Entourage not receiving emails

Periodically Entourage will just stop downloading emails into the Inbox specifically prevalent when in use with Exchange. To kick it back into gear: right click on the Inbox go to Folder Properties and then click the button to Clear Cache. This purges the local copy of the Entourage inbox and repopulates from the Exchange server so do this with some caution and backups.

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Java Troubleshooting for Mac 10.6

JRE 1.5 CookBook One of the recent updates breaks JRE 1.5 in 10.6.8. Here is a cookbook to install JRE 1.5 Download Pacifist. Download JRE 1.5 When entering commands copy the contents between the < > brackets. Click On the Finder. From the Go Menu Select "Go to Folder" Paste in </System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions> and click and Click go. Delete the two aliases (symlinks) “1.5” and “1.5.0”. Use Pacifist to open the JavaForMacOSX10.5Update9.pkg file that [...]

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