Mac Screen Saver Lock

Ok so here is the deal. You have a company... you have local admin accounts... so you don't need any passwords to install updates etc. Well your users set a password on their screensaver and you don't know it.... toast right???? NOPE Two ways to do this either ssh to the machine with the local admin account and change the following file or push a replacement through ARD to the client. NO reboot is needed and [...]

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NTFS Read/Write for Mac

Snow Leopard has the ability to mount NTFS volumes as read/write but it's not enabled by default -- just read only is supported as in 10.5. Here's how to get full read/write support for NTFS drives in Snow Leopard. First uninstall NTFS-3G or Paragon if you're using either one. Here's how to get read/write support for NTFS drives in Snow Leopard: In Terminal type diskutil info /Volumes/volume_name where volume_name is the name of the NTFS [...]

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Google Apps email migration techniques

For migrating email messages from Outlook to Google Apps you can use the GA Outlook Sync plug-in or this Migration tool. The migration tool is nice because it allows you to select a date range for import. Either way you should ensure that there are no slash "/" characters in folder names in Outlook as that wreaks havoc with other clients parsing of the label names and can create duplicate folder trees one version with [...]

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Adobe CS5 – Initial Notes

First off it requires an Intel processor with 10.5.7 or 10.6 The GMA X3100 on some Macbook and MacBook Air machines IS supported. The GMA 950 is not listed as a tested card and according to online reports is not compatible. The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M in some MacBooks IS supported. The NVIDIA GeForce 320M in the latest MacBooks was not listed as a card they tested but should be compatible. Backwards compatibility to InDesign CS3 [...]

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iPhone Google Apps Sync

go to Settings > Mail Contacts Calendars tap Add Account tap Microsoft Exchange enter your Email address leave Domain empty enter email address again for Username enter Password Description can be anything you want tap Next it'll process for a moment and then bring up a new field: Server enter: in the Server field tap Next again it should verify the information this will setup Mail Contacts and Calendars on iPhone/iPad

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Make an ISO image on a Mac

Create a folder with the contents you want on your ISO. Open Disk Utility and use the New Image from Folder menu item to create an image. Ensure it is uncompressed and use the CD/DVD master option. In my experience this creates HFS+ masters which are no good in Windows. Open the Terminal Assuming your new image is called ~/Desktop/Master.cdr (the file is on your desktop and called Master.cdr) type: cd ~/Desktop hdiutil makehybrid -iso [...]

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Change UID to open Microsoft Office files from file server on Mac

If you're getting errors on Mac from Microsoft Office apps when working on files from a file server, try changing the local UID on the client machine. Create a temp admin account then log into that account Change the UID from 501 to something else like 1020 in System Preferences on the account tab under Advanced Options (Right click on username to get this option) then click ok. Then run this terminal command to fix [...]

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Mac OS X Server – Troubleshooting Server Admin/Workgroup Manager

Unable to Add Users or interact with the interface Issue shows itself as this: Error of type eDSRecordNotFound (-14136) on line 1268 of /SourceCache/WorkgroupManager/WorkgroupManager-361.1.1/ Correct with this: In Server Admin > Settings > LDAP toggle the "Enable SSL" & Save. This makes the LDAP restart and resolves the issue. Toggle SSL back to the previous setting/certificate if there is one (if desired) & Save. Wikis not showing for group members This usually indicates itself by [...]

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Magento Commerce Tips & Tricks

Add a CMS Static Block to a Layout I was trying to copy the way they did it with cms_footer_links in footer.phtml and it wasn't working. Below is the proper method. No: <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('footer_bottom_text') ?> Yes: <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('footer_bottom_text')->toHtml() ?> MySQL Import Errors Open the .sql Export -- add this above the first line: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; -- add this below the last line: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 1;

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Printing shipping labels from on Mac has a feature that allows one to print shipping labels but the printing process is (by default) fairly Windows-centric: the file passed to the computer when you click "Print Postage" ends in an oddball filetype OS X doesn't know anything about (the file extension is "LabelGenerationServlet.") Safari doesn't do squat when you click the link and Firefox doesn't appear to (really it downloads the file but since OS X is stymied by the file [...]

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