Tweetbot, Microsoft Surface, Java & Mountain Lion – MacWorks Weekly Episode 7

Josh and Chris from MacWorks talk about the latest news in the realm of Apple and Technology. This week they discuss the cost of Tweetbot, Microsoft's claim that the Surface display is better than the iPad with retina display, Apple's removal of Java from Mountain Lion and how Java 7 breaks a lot of stuff on the Mac.

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Daylite 4 Tutorials Available

Marketcircle has a growing series of tutorial videos now on their site to help get up to speed with Daylite 4. They also have a Vimeo channel you can follow to get alerts when new videos are added. Customize Daylite to Fit Your Business Working with Your Data This video is all about doing WORK. Logging calls, taking notes, scheduling appointments, searching, and generally managing your contacts. Customization Options in Preferences The key to making [...]

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Daylite 4

Our partner Marketcircle released their newest version of the Daylite Productivity Suite dubbed Daylite 4. Many of the frequently requested features are now available in the newly updated suite. Changes to the interface, licensing, and integration have made using Daylite in a solo to multi-user environment even easier. This is due to the diligent efforts of the Marketcircle engineering team to completely redesign and rebuild the code. Using what they learned from previous Daylite versions and customer feedback this makes Daylite 4 a welcome edition.

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iVPN is a great substitute for Lion Server’s terrible VPN

If you've read through our blog at length, you'll know that we've had a difficult time getting Lion Server to allow VPN connections from PCs.  From modifying registry files to typing in terminal commands, we couldn't find an easy way to help our customers implement Snow-Leopard-era VPN features on Lion Server.  Unfortunately, Apple removed a lot of features from the GUI (graphical user interface), which makes it almost impossible for a normal user to enable [...]

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Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility: Rosetta Applications

We're not trying to annoy you with duplicate content, but we want to emphasize the fact that Lion does not support Rosetta applications.  We covered this in depth in a previous article.  If you're a long-time Mac user, you'll probably have applications that will not work with Lion from a fundamental level. Rosetta applications cannot, will not run on Lion.  We heard murmurs of third-party enablers for Rosetta on Lion, but the application developers and [...]

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Mac OS X Lion Application Compatibility: Daylite and Billings

With the introduction of Mac OS X Lion, we're covering compatibility issues with popular applications like Adobe Creative Suite, Marketcircle applications, Quickbooks, Acclivity software, and all Rosetta Applications.  Please read through our Lion Compatibility list to make sure you're safe to upgrade.  If you've found a glaring incompatibility with Lion, please contact us so we can share the information with others. Daylite The folks at Marketcircle have done a great job keeping everyone updated on their Lion [...]

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Preparing for Lion – Startup disk can’t be used as a restore source

Preparing for Lion is our new series that will help you transition to Mac OS 10.7 Lion. We’ll be adding more articles all the time, so be sure to come back and read them. If you’d like to see all of our Lion materials, click Preparing for Lion. To use this disk as a source, restart your computer using the recovery system, and open Disk Utility again. A little birdie found that error in the latest [...]

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Preparing for Lion – What’s new?

Preparing for Lion is our new series that will help you transition to Mac OS 10.7 Lion.  We’ll be adding more articles all the time, so be sure to come back and take a look.  If you’d like to see all of the Lion materials, click Preparing for Lion. Apple just recapped many of the new features Lion will introduce in this morning’s WWDC Keynote.  As we predicted, it will be downloadable through the Mac [...]

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